7 Green Tea Benefits and How to Prepare the Perfect Cup

With so many flavors and varieties to choose from, green tea has become one of the most popular teas consumed in the U.S. We’ll share seven green tea benefits here.

8 Amazing Rooibos Tea Benefits You Didn’t Know About

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How to Make Compost Tea: The Tea Elixir for Plants

Compost tea is a healthy elixir that promotes plant growth. So while you can't actually drink compost tea, you can use it to keep your plants—including tea plants—healthy and happy.

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Black Tea Side Effects: What You Should Know

With so many tea varieties to choose from, where do you begin? Here we’ll explore the varieties of black tea, how it differs from its close cousins: white, green, oolong and red tea. Then we'll look deeper and highlight the typical side effects black tea can be responsible for. 

April Tea Mocktail: Jasmine Elixir

Impress your friends and family with our latest creation, the Jasmine Elixir, whose flavor profile offers an enticing blend of mint and jasmine for a satisfying and refreshing drink. Add to your social-distancing picnic package or kickback and enjoy after dinner! 

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Here, we’ve made a brief introduction to Jin Xuan tea so you can learn more about the methods behind the oolong tea with buttery and milky flavors and a lightly floral fragrance.

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Learn how to make cold brew tea with these useful tips and our simple cold brew recipe.