You may have heard of chamomile tea but are wondering what it is good for and whether there is the possibility of it helping with sleep. Learn more about the best chamomile tea below.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

There are several benefits of drinking chamomile tea. One of these health benefits is potentially lowering blood sugar, which is especially important for those living with diabetes. Chamomile should not be used as a replacement for diabetic medications but can be used as a natural supplement to those medications. Another benefit is slowing and potentially preventing osteoporosis, the progressive loss of bone density. Chamomile tea may actually promote bone density, although more study needs to be done to definitively confirm this. An additional benefit of this organic tea that many people seek out is the potential to help those who drink it to relax and even fall asleep. Again, more study needs to be done to definitively confirm this; some studies show chamomile may have a modest anti-anxiety benefit but does not show that people fall asleep just because they drink chamomile tea.

The Best Chamomile Tea

One of the varieties considered to be the best chamomile tea is Egyptian Chamomile, like we offer at Sencha Tea Bar. This varietal is native to the Nile River valley region in Egypt. Egyptian chamomile combines fruity undertones with an earthy flavor, leading to it arguably having the most balanced flavor and pleasant taste to most people. Check out the wide variety of organic teas, including chamomile at Sencha Tea Bar. We offer competitive pricing, free shipping on orders over $49, and a variety of payment options. Place your order of Sencha’s best chamomile tea now!