Ali Shan tea usually refers to an oolong tea harvested in central Taiwan on Ali Mountain. It is recognized as a High Mountain tea, as it is grown at an altitude in the range of 1000 to 1500 meters. At Sencha Tea Bar, we offer an array of oolong teas, including Ali Shan, that satisfy the taste buds of many.

This loose leaf tea consists of a bud and three or four lustrous, tender, soft leaves. The leaves are rolled tightly on the stem into glossy, dark green, round shapes. As with all oolong teas, Ali Shan tea is semi-oxidized. Due to its minimal oxidation, it has a greener appearance than some other oolongs, approaching the appearance of green teas that undergo no oxidation. ..

Ali Shan Tea Benefits

Ali Shan, just as with other oolong teas, contains antioxidants, an abundance of minerals such as selenium, zinc, and more, vitamins C and E, and caffeine.

Some of the important benefits of Ali Shan tea include:

Helps Digestion and Weight Loss

This tea assists with the digestive process. With its combination of caffeine and polyphenols, Ali Shan tea accelerates metabolism, which can contribute to weight loss and also help alleviate painful indigestion and acid reflux.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Ali Shan tea can help promote cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease. The minerals and antioxidants in tea instruct the body to break apart fat that accumulates in the blood, which helps decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.

Boost the Immune System

The vitamins and minerals in Ali Shan tea can help to constantly fight against inflammation and infection. With a boost to the immune system, you can increase recovery time and prevent disease. This tea can start defeating bacteria as soon as it enters your mouth, aiding in the prevention of tooth decay.

Rich in antioxidants, Ali Shan tea can help the body fight against harmful free radicals that result from pollutants in the environment. It can give your skin a young and fresh appearance.

Stimulates and Relaxes

The Taiwanese oolong tea contains caffeine, a stimulating substance that contributes to focus and brain alertness. Since the caffeine in this tea is released more gradually into the bloodstream than the caffeine in coffee, it tends to last longer, assisting with memory and other mental activity.

At the same time, this tea contains L-theanine, and an amino acid which calms and relaxes the nerves. It can help the brain remain focused without producing the jitteriness that sometimes results from consuming coffee with caffeine.

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