Oolong Tea

As a partially oxidized tea, oolong is recognized for its strong aroma and unique shape. This tea has a moderate amount of caffeine and offers an intensity somewhere between green and black tea. When you are looking for a delicious, invigorating beverage, oolong tea is a great option. At Sencha Tea Bar, we offer an array of delectable oolong teas to try out. We invite you to buy our delicious oolong tea right here on our website.

Our Loose Leaf Oolong Tea Selection

The various oolong teas we offer include Vanilla Oolong Tea, Milk Oolong Tea, Ali Shan Oolong Tea, Peach Oolong Tea, Tropical Coconut Oolong Tea, Jade Oolong Tea, and Earl Green Oolong Tea. We encourage you to try them all to discover a new favorite for yourself or to share with others.

Features and Benefits of Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

The process of making loose leaf oolong teas is one of the most complex of any type of tea. The way these teas are processed goes back several centuries. The way oolong tea is tightly rolled up helps to preserve its freshness. Oolong tea possesses some of the most nuanced, complex flavors of any tea – generally the flavors are slightly sweet, floral, and/or toasty.

The benefits of oolong tea include boosting antioxidant levels, reducing blood sugar, supporting gut health and digestion, improving sleep, and supporting weight loss, among others.

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