Sencha Tea Bar is the premier frontier of loose leaf tea in Minnesota, with a presence in Madison, WI. Sencha’s large and growing selection of loose leaf teas guarantees to satisfy the most demanding and eclectic tastes of traditional tea drinkers. We also specialize in bubble tea, a beverage originating from Taiwan that combines freshly brewed teas with a large variety of exotic natural fruit concentrates, served cold with delicious chewy tapioca pearls. We're proud to provide you with the highest quality teas, hand-selected from the finest international growers. As noted by the "c" in our logo, community comes first at Sencha, and our community is global. We aim to transform and empower the lives of our customers and employees through patient reflection found at the end of a cup of tea.

“Just as tea takes the form of the cup it is poured into, Sencha forms a healthy and empowering partnership with each community we join. Where ever Sencha is, our hearts are fully there.”

Premium Teas from Around the World

From Asia to Africa, India to North America, we have a wide variety of teas that have been made by passionate tea farmers of all different walks of life. From floral hints to the fruity tones you can get a taste of the world in the comfort of your cup.

Lets Brew This

We've added new tea kits that have been curated and crafted by our Tea Masters. Discover the flavors from around the world and some of the most popular teas from Sencha. Start with the tea starter kit and you'll be ready to brew any tea or tea kit in the comfort of home.

Delicious Hibiscus

Hibiscus, Kumquat come together to makes a delicious mix that is both refreshing and a fun drink that is even better since part of the proceeds goes to a great cause; helping North Minneapolis communities build wealth, health and bring food to families. This all via the Appetite for Change Charity. Cheers to the community!

Peach Berry Punch

Peach Berry punch is a raspberry and hibiscus green tea with peach purée and topped with freeze dried raspberries that will quench your thirst and keep you cool on those hot summer days.