Discover Aged Perfection with Pu-Erh Tea

Find out more about pu-erh tea and how it makes it from leaf to your cup.

8 Pu-erh Tea Health Benefits You Should Know About

While modern medicine has only just begun its studies into the benefits of teas like pu-erh, traditional Chinese medicine has used these true teas to treat a variety of ailments for centuries. So brew a tasty cup of pu-erh tea, bask in the full-bodied flavors and reap positive health benefits.

How to Make Pu-Erh Tea: Traditional Chinese and Modern Methods

Find out how to perfect the two most common brewing techniques right here.

Uncover Aged Flavor With the Best Pu-erh Tea

Unwrap a pu-erh tea cake and discover a world of flavor fit to please even the pickiest tea connoisseur.