What Is Chamomile Tea Good For? Does Chamomile Tea Make You Sleepy?

You may have heard of chamomile tea but are wondering what it is good for and whether there is the possibility of it helping with sleep. Learn more about the best chamomile tea below.

What Tea Is Good For Mental Health?

You have probably heard of many health benefits related to drinking tea. But did you know that drinking tea could potentially be good for your mental health as well? Learn what tea to buy to support your mental health below.

What Is Loose Leaf Tea? What Is the Best Loose Leaf Tea?

You may be wondering what loose leaf tea is and how it differs from other types of tea that are available to buy, such as those prepackaged in tea sachets or tea bags. Learn exactly what loose leaf tea is below, what is considered to be the best loose leaf tea, and where to buy loose leaf tea below.

Is Loose Leaf Tea Healthier Than Tea Bags?

A common debate among tea drinkers is whether loose leaf tea is healthier than tea in tea bags. Learn the advantages of drinking loose leaf tea over tea bags, the best loose leaf to try, and where to buy loose leaf tea below.

What Tea Is Good for Weight Loss?

The three most common teas derived from the Camellia sinensis plant are black, oolong, and green tea. Unlike black and oolong tea, green tea is not subjected to a fermentation process. It is made with a process that preserves more of its nutrients and antioxidants – the leaves are steamed, pan-fried, and then dried. At Sencha Tea Bar, we offer a variety of green teas through our online store.

What Are the Health Benefits of Black Tea?

Black tea is a highly popular tea around the world. There are four types of tea which are made from the camellia sinensis plant. Black tea is one of them and the others are oolong, green, and white tea. The way these teas are processed determines the difference between these types of teas.

What Are the Benefits of Ali Shan Tea?

Ali Shan tea usually refers to an oolong tea harvested in central Taiwan on Ali Mountain. It is recognized as a High Mountain tea, as it is grown at an altitude in the range of 1000 to 1500 meters. At Sencha Tea Bar, we offer an array of oolong teas, including Ali Shan, that satisfy the taste buds of many.

How To Drink Loose Leaf Tea

If you’re new to tea drinking, you may be in the never-ending debate between bagged and loose-leaf tea. Many tea drinkers prefer tea bags as they are readily available, convenient, and easy to prepare.

What Is the Difference Between Green Tea and Black Tea?

Did you know that people worldwide consume three billion cups of tea every day? This is not surprising since tea not only tastes good, but also offers many benefits. However, given the wide selection of options on the market, finding the right tea to buy can be challenging.

Sencha Vs. Oolong Tea: Which One’s Better?

With so many tea types to choose from, it can be confusing to decide which is the best for you. You must consider the flavor profile, nutritional value, and overall health benefits.