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Jason Apfel
Tasty & convenient!

I had gotten used to drinking Monster in the morning. I still like Monster, but thought I should transition to natural caffeine. I learned that in addition to the caffeine in tea being the best for you(so to speak), there's something in green tea that causes the caffeine to be gradually released through the day, causing no caffeine crash. I knew I'd need a quick & convenient way, or I would likely go back to Monster since opening a can is even easier than making coffee.

So glad I found this! It is super convenient, and works well as part of a morning routine. Once you learn to get the temperature & timing right, the tea is pretty tasty too(sweetened of course)! Thank you so much, Sencha!

Bev Alberg
Great tasting tea!

I enjoy my tea time with Sencha teas. Great taste.

Kathy Rigo
Amazing Tea

Great selection and superior teas!

Elizabeth Pitts

Very Good!

Jonathan Marlow
Great quality

With the starter bundle came a very nice variety of teas. Each one of them was delightful. Now I have a very good idea of which ones are my new favorites: all of them!