Ali Shan Oolong Tea

Ali Shan is the oolong family of teas cultivated high in the mountains of central Taiwan. Due to the high elevations at which Ali Shan is grown, the leaves of this tea are much heartier than many others and possess a higher concentration of the elements that produce flavor. Ali Shan offers a subtly sweet, yet intricate flavor that includes touches of flowers and fruits combined with a light creaminess. At Sencha Tea Bar, we offer Ali Shan Oolong Tea to satisfy your sophisticated tastes in tea.

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The Making of Ali Shan Oolong Tea

Ali Shan Tea leaves are collected by hand and then placed onto a large mat. Then, the leaves are bruised by lightly rolling them. The rolling breaks down the cell tissues and the process of oxidation. Once this is done, they are allowed to sit for eight hours. Finally, the leaves are roasted which halts the oxidation process which would otherwise turn the leaves into black tea. In addition, the roasting process promotes caramelization of the leaves giving them hints of caramel flavor. The oxidation of oolong tea usually reaches about 40%, giving the tea a light to medium color.

Benefits of Ali Shan Tea

Ali Shan Tea includes various antioxidants such as flavonoids, catechins, and polyphenols which are all beneficial to one’s health. The benefits of drinking this tea are numerous, including, but not limited to:

Cardiovascular Health

Ali Shan Tea reduces cholesterol, and the antioxidants and caffeine it contains can increase metabolism which can provide cardiovascular health benefits.

Strengthen Immunity

The antioxidants in this tea boost the immune system, reduce the risk of infection, and combat inflammation throughout the body.

Support Digestion

The caffeine and polyphenols in Ali Shan Oolong Tea can promote healthy metabolism function and calm indigestion.

Promote Weight Loss

Ali Shan Tea has zero calories. In addition, the caffeine, catechins, and polyphenols in this tea help stimulate metabolic function and lower the absorption of fat throughout the body.

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Customer Reviews

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Dawn Brugioni

Ali Shan

Formosa Oolong

The tea gave me energy and that was nice, however, I wasn't a big fan of it's taste. I may not be an Oolong fan.

Ramona Flanagan

Formosa Oolong

Happy Tea Drinker
Great tasting tea, but contents a bit mysterious

I really have been enjoying the tea. Very good taste. However, I'd really appreciate knowing the weight of the packet of tea, and also a list of ingredients. So keep making great tea and include a bit more info when you send it out.

Robert Talbott
Great tea...

Excellent customer service...