There is an old Chinese proverb that states: ‘Even if one studies tea until old age, one can never know all of the possibilities’. Initially this saying can be interpreted that tea as a plant can never be mastered; it is a product that has so many facets that you might never get to experience it fully. While this may be true, it is not a solemn statement; the nature of the plant is that it is not meant to be mastered but to be experienced and enjoyed. This proverb describes the expansive nature of the tea plant and gives a glimpse of all of the variations that currently exist and will continue to grow over time. Camellia Sinensis, the Tea Plant, has thousands of variations created through the cross breeding of seeds and the myriad effects environmental conditions play in the growth of the plant. When starting your exploration of tea, instead of letting the variety overwhelm your process, let the endless possibilities excite you. 

At Sencha, we feel that the exploration of tea is highly personal and we strive to be a guiding resource for everyone whether you are years into your Tea Journey or just starting down the path of discovery. 

In the exploration of the current world of tea, there will be lots of information provided by manufacturers, tea sellers, the internet, and even self-identified tea masters who teach classes on the product and its benefits. As the proverb states, throughout a lifetime you will come across many possibilities; options of where to buy your tea, which cultivars to try, the season of production, and of course the process you utilize to prepare and consume your tea leaves.

All of these things will have options within themselves, especially when it comes to preparation. Most companies will provide instructions on how to prepare specific teas based on their knowledge and experimentation with the product. As long as you are purchasing from a trusted and credible source, there is nothing wrong with trying their recommendations, and you will want to at first until you get to know the product.

However, with a product so mysteriously complicated, why would you want to stop there? This is the essence of a Tea Journey: the exploration of the product beyond what is recommended, and attending to it in a way that allows you to discover your own preferred tastes, concoctions and a process that truly brings you joy. 

In your Tea Journey process, keep in mind three important points;

Tea is a plant that can never be mastered; it must be enjoyed and experienced.

Utilize the recommendations and knowledge of your sources as a reliable way of initially testing the product 

Play around with preparation methods to personalize the product for your best enjoyment. 

Cheers to a lifetime of exploration! 

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