Tea is so much more than a simple cup of hot, flavored liquid. Tea is a complete sensory experience that involves an appreciation of culture, tradition, and flavor. The tea experience is enriched by stories of ancient tea legends and the knowledge of how each tea leaf was cultivated and processed to elicit enchanting aromas.

Luckily, there are tons of blogs, other than ours of course, out there to help you better appreciate the tea-drinking experience. From science-based information guides to unique culinary crafts using tea bags, there is a blog to guide your tea journey. Here, we’ve created a list of some of our favorite tea blogs. Discover and develop your passion for tea with these great resources!

1a. Sencha Tea Bar

How can you go wrong by just spending your entire afternoon sipping some of the world's best teas and reading more great articles from the Sencha Tea Bar blog? Where else can you get such great information like The 7 Best Tea for Coronavirus, or 8 Amazing Rooibos Tea Benefits, or The 7 Best Teas for Pain Relief from Cramps. If you want any information about tea, we have it, and we have a selection of some of the best teas in the world that you can enjoy shipped directly to your doorstep.

1. Devotea

Devotea is headed by Lord Devotea, a tea expert who takes his tea experience seriously, except when he’s making readers laugh with his humorous stories. He’ll never touch a tea bag—and maybe you shouldn’t either! Lord Devotea engages readers in a discussion of the best ways to enjoy tea and he’s unusual writing style will keep you coming back for more.

2. Gongfu Girl

Gongfu Girl was founded by Colleen and features lead writer Cinnabar along with four guest writers who document the beauty of tea. Their blog focuses on introducing readers to tea culture and tools. They also occasionally review teas, helping to acquaint readers with new flavors. The writings are action-packed and explore more exotic tea concepts from aged teas to hidden tea culture in nations such as Mali.

3. The Half-Dipper

This blog is not your average tea blog. Hobbes—yes, the adorably precocious tiger from Calvin and Hobbes—is the lead writer on this unique tea blog. He uses the site as an electronic version of his journaling surrounding personal tea experiences. What results is an extremely personal experience when it comes to reading about tea. The musings section covers everything from exotic tea tools to proper brewing techniques. Don’t miss the Haiku section for tea inspired poems that deepen the tea experience.

4. iHeartTeas

Rachel Rachana Carter brings this tea blog to life with anecdotes of her tea experiences and informational guides to understanding tea. Rachel’s blog educates readers on the basics of tea and introduces them to new varieties they might not find in their local grocery stores. She features news from the tea industry and recipes to keep readers engaged long past the first taste.

5. Mel Had Tea

Mel Hattie is a traveling tea sommelier who has explored the far corners of the globe in a search for tea culture and flavor. Like wine sommeliers, tea professionals undergo rigorous testing and years of training to become a sommelier. They are considered experts in the field and have a rich knowledge of teas culture, history, and taste. 

Mel has lived abroad in Japan and Germany and visited more than 15 countries on three different continents. Her blog is the perfect blend of adventure and tea artisanry. Her experiences with tea in foreign countries adds an exquisite dimension to the tea experience that few other blogs offer. Follow along and learn about tea as she takes you from tea houses in Sarajevo to Oscar Wilde’s old stomping grounds.

6. Oolong Owl

In the eyes of founder Char, tea should be fun. She blends a delightful combination of humor and lightheartedness to make drinking and learning about tea entertaining. Accompanied by her “parliament of tea owls,” she intelligently and eloquently reviews teas and teaches you how to use those fancy tea tools. Her Sunday Tea Hoots section is a great way to get to know the author better while sharing her enthusiasm for tea.

7. Pardesi Trotter

Sherin is U.A.E.-based tea blogger with a passion for tea and a love for storytelling. She has a gift for expressing the journey tea leaves take from plantation to cup. Her essay stories cover tea legends and the culture that makes tea such a rich experience. She weaves educational information about tea throughout the evocative essays creating a stunning visual representation of tea.

8. Sororitea Sisters

Sororitea Sisters is an online community of tea enthusiasts where they can share their love for tea and reviews of popular blends. The blog was founded by Anne from liberTEAS and Jennifer from TeaEqualsBliss. Together, they’ve created a stunning review blog that is the go-to source when you need information on a specific type of tea or brand. They also have a section on their website called ChariTEAS where they highlight tea companies that give back to their communities.

9. Steph’s Cup of Tea

Steph founded her tea blog as a way to share her love for tea with the world. The simple layout ensures that the focus stays on the tea drinking experience rather than fancy marketing gimmicks. She is a member of the Association of Tea Bloggers and blends the tasty nature of tea with historical information about its origins. Her most recent adventures found her retracing the tea route in Europe and teaching the etiquette of British afternoon tea at Tea Fest PDX.

10. T&Co.

Jennifer Odera founded this tea blog in order to share her love for the tea drinking experience. She is a Kenyan native hailing from the Abaluhya tribe, which is renowned for their preparation of tea. Jennifer has created an easy-to-read blog that informs readers about the basic tenets of tea and how to fully immerse themselves in tea culture.

11. T Ching

This blog received the distinction of Best Tea Blog in 2016 from the World Tea Awards. Michelle Rabin and Sandy Bushberg founded the site back in 2008. The site features tea expertise derived from the duo's 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. T Ching covers all things tea with a focus on how this delicious beverage can improve health and overall well being. Their articles feature experts in the industry as well as entertaining tea tasters that try out the latest in tea crazes.

12. Tea Foodie

Tea Foodie is run by Suzanne Klein, founder of the tea company Zanitea. Her website combines a passion for tea and food that results in a one-stop guide for tea pairings. Her recipes often incorporate tea as one of the main ingredients. Tea Foodie is all about learning how to step out of the box and enjoy tea in new and inspiring ways.

13. Tea For Me Please!

Nicole founded her tea blog with a desire to make tea fun for everyone. Her website offers useful tea tips including proper brewing techniques and how to use tea tools. The Tea Places section of her site is a fun adventure to local tea houses and educates readers on tea traditions from across the globe. She also features unique tea recipes like Black Tea Sangria that are sure to delight your taste buds.

14. Tea Happiness

Sara is a tea lover from Brooklyn that has made it her mission to educate and inspire tea lovers. She has an uncanny way of turning even the most complex tea concepts into easy-to-understand subjects. She gives tea introduction classes to school children and is working on her tea sommelier certification. Her tea interviews section is a great place to educate yourself on the movers and shakers in the industry.

15. Tea In Spoons

Connie began the way many tea bloggers did: documenting her tea obsession on Tumblr. Since 2015, she’s packed her blog with reviews on tea brands and her travels with tea. She uses a 5-point rating scale that makes it easy to discover new flavors. She posts every Thursday and offers useful hints on nailing the basics of tea.

16. Tea Squirrel

Anna documents her love for tea through stories from tea producing nations and visits to tea houses. Her recipes section helps you create a sensory experience blending tea and food. The tea tasting section of her site introduces readers to the nuanced flavor profiles of true teas and herbal tisanes. Subscribe to her blog to get exclusive tea content.

17. TeaTime

TeaTime is a magazine publication featuring informative articles that include tea room reviews and food pairings. The online magazine introduces readers to fascinating and influential people in the tea industry. They’re passionate about the history and science behind tea, making this blog a breath of fresh air. Head over to their Table Settings section to learn all about the tools of the trade and how to present a proper tea party.

18. The Cup of Life

Lu Ann Pannunzio has loved tea since she was seven years old. She’s blogged about tea since 2011 and even published a book of inspirational words for tea lovers in 2016. Her blog has won awards from Whittard and the World Tea Awards and her work has been featured in The Daily Tea and Happiness+Wellbeing. Her site is easy to navigate with sections on learning about tea, discovering the taste of teas, and being creative with crafts and recipes.

19. Tea Geek

Tea Geek is a blog curated by self-acclaimed nerds as a one-stop source for people who love the scientific aspects of the tea experience. The authors focus on creating detailed explanations of tea without overwhelming the reader. They weave a dry sense of humor throughout the articles to keep readers engaged when learning about tea. Posts aren’t as active as they used to be, but this is still a great resource for all things tea.

20. Thirsty For Tea

Bonnie Eng has created a visually stunning and easy-to-read site that introduces beginners to the enchantment of tea. She also explores further into the nuances of tea at the delight of tea experts out there. Thirsty For Tea isn’t just a tea blog. Bonnie has created hundreds of delicious food recipes that are either inspired by tea or perfectly pair with a hot cuppa. Take your love for tea even further with her tea-inspired craft projects and holiday decorations.

21. World of Tea

World of Tea has undergone some branding changes, but their quality content is as reliable as ever. Now the official blog of the American Specialty Tea Alliance, their articles are always well-researched and backed by scientific evidence. Readers can learn more about the history of tea in a certain region or explore processing methods of certain tea varietals. World of Tea is truly the go-to source for learning about tea and how it makes its way from a tea estate to your cup.

Delve Into the World of Tea

The world of tea is a fascinating one. The tea drinking experience involves much more than simply sipping a hot cup of tea. The true enjoyment of tea lies in the culture, history, and immersive experiences. These tea blogs can help introduce you to the world of tea or further you enjoyment of the tea drinking experience. Discover new recipes, cultural traditions, and exotic tea houses across the globe. With these bloggers as your guides, you’re sure to discover something new and exciting!