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Natalie Corbett
Yum Yum Tea

I have a visceral reaction every sip of this nectar of the gods

Donna Lensing
For my daughter!

I recently read "The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane" by Lisa See. I was fascinated by what I learned about tea and decided to give the revered Pu-reh a try. I'm still a coffee girl but my tea-loving daughter thought it was FANTASTIC. She did undergrad in Madison, WI and Sencha Tea Bar was a frequent visit for her. She now lives in Denver and was thrilled with the teas I gave her to take home. Thank you!

Too Many Good Flavors in One Pu’erh

It’s billed as Vanilla Pu’erh…but it is “accented” with both peppermint and cinnamon. This is confusing. The only thing I actually smell when steeping and/or taste when sipping is the peppermint. I like the tea! But I think I’d have loved it if it actually tasted like and owned its given Vanilla name. And then I’d happily purchase and prepare Peppermint Pu’erh or Cinnamon Pu’erh when either of those flavors is desired.

the vanilla in this tea is subtle and pleasant

This tea is delicious. The vanilla is subtle and pleasant. It's so smooth and easy to drink. I usually have it as milk tea, with oatly brand oat milk. Nothing else, no sweeteners. The flavor of the tea really speaks for itself. I appreciate the caffeine content, too. I drink it in lieu of coffee.

Jacqui Robinson
Very Good Tea

Love the flavor of the tea very much!