Loose Leaf Tea Collections

Loose leaf tea provides a much higher quality and benefit to the tea drinker compared to prepared tea bags. Loose leaf, organic tea is not crushed into a tea bag, which allows it to retain its aroma, flavor, and extensive health benefits. At Sencha Tea Bar, we offer numerous loose leaf tea options for your drinking pleasure.

Tea to Buy: Our Selection of Loose Leaf Teas

We offer an extensive selection of loose leaf and organic tea options to accommodate your tea cravings or provide the opportunity to try something new. Some of our product collections include black teas, flu & cold fighters, Boba tea kits, iced teas, tea kits, and steeping tools.

Loose leaf tea is high quality – it is fresher and tastes better than bagged tea. Various types of loose leaf tea, such as white tea, yellow, tea, and oolong tea are diverse and reflect where they come from as well as how they are cultivated and produced. Many of these teas have high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which promote overall wellness.

Our collection of organic and loose leaf teas give abundant options to satisfy any tea drinkers’ preferences. With dozens of tea choices to choose from, we think you will be back again and again to satisfy your taste buds, whether it’s for your favorite loose leaf and organic tea or something new.

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