Even if you’re not an avid tea drinker, you probably know the basics. You know, the green tea black, herbal and so on. But have you heard of yellow tea?  Yellow tea gets its name from the color of the liquor, or the liquid of the tea once it's steeped, as well as unique additional step in how it is processed.yellow tea being poured into a clear tea cup

How Yellow Tea is Processed

The steps for making yellow tea closely follow those of green tea, but yellow teas undergo a process called yellowing before they are packaged. After the leaves are picked, they are fried, wrapped in either paper or cloth, fried once again and wrapped to cool and oxidize. This process usually takes up to three days. After those 3 days it is slow roasted to perfection!

Benefits of Yellow Tea

But why should you drink it? What makes yellow tea better than the other types of tea you know and love? 

  • Yellow tea has three times the amount of antioxidants as green tea. This means that when you drink yellow tea regularly, you're supercharging your body with nutrients that help remove free radicals from your system.
  • Had too much to drink last night? Yellow tea has you covered!  The components of yellow tea are such that it inhibits liver inflammation and can thus help reset your system after a night of revelry.  This benefit is only found in yellow tea!
    • Yellow tea can also help reduce your cholesterol! It works in two ways: first it lowers the level of low density lipoproteins in your system and prevents the absorption of cholesterol from your food into your body. Which is just a fancy way of saying it really helps your body get itself together!

  • Yellow tea is a great way to find a natural boost of energy, try switching out your iced coffee for an iced yellow tea! You’ll find that your highs and lows of that caffeine feel so much better. Who doesn't love to be productive?
    • Another cool benefit is yellow tea is great for your skin.  The polyphenols in yellow tea combat oxidative stress which is a huge contributor to skin aging. Goodbye wrinkles, hello yellow tea!

    Get Steeping! 

    Now that you've completed a crash course in the benefits of yellow tea, check out our store to get started with out Hunan Gold tea! For more information on different types of yellow tea and choosing the best flavor profile for your taste buds, check out our guide here