Why You Should Use Tea Tins and How to Pick the Best Ones

When it comes to tea, proper storage is an afterthought for most casual drinkers. Keeping tea stored properly means prolonging freshness and getting more bang for your buck with each cup. While there are many different storage options for loose tea, here we’ll focus on the benefits of tea tins. From longevity and organization to sustainability, we’ll show you a few good reasons for using tea tins and show you how to pick the best ones.

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What Are Tea Tins?

Tea tins are handy little storage containers that keep tea in one easy-to-grab spot. These tins also protect the tea from degradation caused by sunlight and moisture. That means your tea will be fresher for longer when stored in a tea tin.

In addition to tea tins, there are also a few other storage options for loose leaf tea. Bamboo wood tea boxes and dark glass jars are among the best sellers. These storage containers also help to keep out sunlight and moisture that can degrade tea over time.

3 Reasons Tea Tins Are A Good Idea


Most tea bags and loose leaf tea starts to lose its flavor after 3 to 4 months if it is not preserved in an airtight wood, glass, or tin container. Not only does fresh tea taste better, but it also helps save you money and get the most out of each scoop of tea. As the tea leaves begin to lose flavor, many people simply add more tea to increase the taste. This wastes precious tea leaves and also costs you more in the long run. Instead, look for storage tins to keep your tea fresh for longer so you can enjoy better flavor and save money.


Drinking loose leaf tea instead of using tea bags helps to keep the bag residue out of landfills. Reusing the same storage container also keeps plastic wrappings, cardboard containers, and other packaging materials out of the landfill. Many tea shops will also offer discounts if you bring in your own tea tin can for a refill of your favorite loose leaves.


You've probably spent many mornings or afternoons digging through a drawer or basket full of tea bags looking for the right one. With tea tins and containers, you can easily label and identify different teas. They also look much better when stored on the counter since their sleek, simple, and can be stacked.

How to Pick the Best Tea Tins

When picking the best tea tin, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to pick a tea tin that will seal in fragrance while also keeping out moisture and sunlight. Read on to discover the key features of a great tea tin.

Airtight Containers

Good tea tins will offer an airtight seal that locks in fragrance while protecting the loose tea from moisture that can damage and alter the flavor. Look for tea tins that feature a silicone seal or airtight locking mechanism to keep your favorite teas tasting the way they were meant to.


The flavor of tea can also be affected by sunlight. Leaving tea sachets or loose tea lying around on the counter can cause the natural flavor profile to deteriorate over time. Look for a tea container that is made of metal, dark glass, or wood including bamboo. 

Large Opening

There's nothing worse than buying a beautiful storage container and realizing it's a total pain to try to get anything out of it. Look for tea tins that feature a wide opening that's big enough to easily fit a spoon or scoop. This will make it exponentially easier to dole out the right amount of tea without wasting precious leaves.


If you love a particular type of tea — oolong tea bags or loose green tea for example — it may seem like a good idea to buy a giant container to store large amounts of your tea. However, containers that are too large will actually diminish the quality of your tea because the leaves will be exposed to air within the container. Instead, try buying only what you'll drink in the next few weeks and restock when your teas are getting low. This will ensure freshness and quality with each cup. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Tea

Brewing tea is a quick and easy process when you have the right tools. You may also want to check out related products including tea infusers, tea spoons, teapots, teacups, and other teaware that can make brewing your favorite teas even easier. Some tea types, like matcha green tea, also require different tea tools to brew the traditional way. 

Whether you like oolong tea, black tea, Earl Grey, white tea, rooibos, or an herbal tea blend, having the right tea tools can make brewing a breeze and deliver more bang for your buck. Tea storage tins like metal tins and bamboo canisters can help save you money by protecting your tea from going bad. Tea containers also add a stylish dimension to your tea brewing and can help you organize dozens of different teas without the clutter.

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