If you're an avid tea drinker or just getting into the world of loose leaf tea, you may have heard of tea infuser mugs. These handy little cups help you brew the perfect single cup of tea without having to waste tea leaves, water, or remember to store brewed leaves for reuse the next day. Best of all, these mugs can travel with you so you can brew tea at the office or steep it in the car – all without the bulk of a big tea kettle that requires an outlet.

Finding the best tea infuser mugs can be a challenge since there are hundreds of options out there. Here, we've rounded up some of our favorites to help you find one that makes tea brewing more enjoyable. Whether you're looking for one that is BPA-free or durable with stainless steel construction, we've picked out the best options for your needs.

The 6 Best Tea Infuser Mugs

1. ForLife Uni Brew-in-Mug Tea Infuser

This tea mug from ForLife offers a huge range of colors to show off your style whether you like vibrant orange and yellow hues or more understated blue, sea green, and white tones. The large capacity stainless steel infuser basket features fine holes so you can brew even the finest teas without getting residue in your mug. Made of lead-free high-fired ceramic, it also features a BPA-free lid and best of all, the entire thing is dishwasher safe allowing for easy cleaning.

2. Asobu Tea Mug

The Asobu Tea Mug is a clear glass mug that features a stainless steel infuser for brewing loose tea. The glass construction allows you to watch the tea leaves or blossoms unfurl as they steep and the lid doubles as a trivet so you can set the infuser on it when you're done steeping. Just add more water and pop the infuser back in when you're ready to re-steep for a second or third cup. Be careful when removing the tea infuser basket as the stainless steel handle can get hot.

3. Tealyra Peak Ceramic Mug

The Peak Ceramic Mug from Tealyra is designed to look and feel just like a regular cup of tea. The high-fired ceramic mug is heat resistant to 240 degrees Fahrenheit and features a high-quality stainless steel infuser that's perfect for brewing everything from ordinary tea to fine tea. The mug is available in different colors including lime, turquoise, red, and black and offers a 19-ounce capacity for brewing large single servings.

4. Tea Forte Kati Cup

The Kati Cup from Tea Forte is a double-walled ceramic tea mug with a built-in stainless steel tea strainer. The double-walled construction ensures your beverage stays hotter for longer than other competitors. The tea strainer sits comfortably along the rim of the ceramic mug during steeping and features an easy-to-grasp finger hold for clean removal. The elegant tea tumbler design features stunning ceramic paintings including cherry blossoms, lotus petals along with abstract art, geometric leaves, and simple elegant solids to suit any personality.

5. Teabloom Venice Mug

The Venice Mug from Teabloom is the perfect mug for tea lovers that enjoy the heat resistant qualities of stainless steel but prefer the look of glass mugs. This mug is made using double-walled borosilicate glass that is resistant to chips and dings. The double-wall construction not only makes the mug sturdier, but it also maintains heat better than other single-walled mugs and keeps tea hotter for longer.

The infuser cup is dishwasher and microwave safe. The extra-large handle offers a secure grip and the stainless steel and silicone lid doubles as a trivet to hold tea leaves and tea bags when you're finished steeping. The glass teacup was designed for use with green tea leaves, but can also be used with other tea types including oolong tea, rooibos, and herbal blends.

6. Sacred Lotus Love - Glass Tea Tumbler

This water bottle from Sacred is the perfect tea infuser travel mug for brewing loose leaf tea or whipping up fruit-infused iced tea blends. It features a double-walled borsphrate glass construction that keeps beverages warm for up to 45 minutes — perfect for those of us who forget to drink our tea when it's still hot. It's BPA and lead-free and features a beautiful logo-free lotus design to inspire calm while sipping your favorite beverage.

Infuse Your Tea in Style With an Infuser Mug

Tea infuser mugs are a great way to drink tea without the hassle of larger tea appliances like hot water electric kettles and teapots. With a built-in steeper, you can brew tea on the go using a simple tea infuser travel mug. Just place your loose leaf tea in the strainer, add hot water, cover with the lid, and steep according to the time suggested for your specific type of tea. Most of these mugs can also be easily cleaned by popping them into the dishwasher. Grab your favorite matcha blend or an herbal tea and start brewing quick and easy single servings with one of these tea infuser mugs.