Brewing hot tea is an art form that involves using high-quality leaves and efficient equipment. Like a coffee pot or coffee maker, a premium teapot can take the guesswork out of brewing whether you like to brew one single cup each morning or a large pot for the whole family. From ceramic teapots to porcelain and glass, there are dozens of options when it comes to brewing everything from oolong to herbal.

Here, we'll show you the benefits of using a stainless steel teapot and show you how to take care of one so it lasts a lifetime. With exceptional heat resistant qualities and added durability, stainless steel teapots are a great choice for tea makers. Learn more about these handy teapots and learn how to choose the right one.

Benefits of A Stainless Steel Teapot

Stainless steel teapots are the new kid on the block when it comes to teapot materials. They were first mass-produced in the early 1900s and don't have the historic or cultural ties that other teapot materials like cast iron and ceramic do. The benefit of stainless steel teapots is that they are arguably the most durable options for tea makers.

These teapots are strong enough to withstand drops and falls, yet they're light and maneuverable for ease of use. They also demonstrate an upscale, modern look that is similar to the elegance of glass teapots

Unlike clay teapots that are wildly popular in China, stainless steel doesn't absorb or alter the flavor of teas. That means you can use these teapots to brew multiple types of tea without worrying about changing the flavor characteristics of each brew.

Stainless steel teapots also won't chip or crack like porcelain and clay varieties do. Unlike silver, you won't have to worry about stainless steel tarnishing over time. Cleaning the teapots is also extremely easy as most are dishwasher safe.

Additionally, stainless steel teapots can be used directly on the stovetop — setting it apart from things like Japanese cast iron teapots and porcelain teapots. That means you can brew loose tea or tea bags directly in the teapot on the stove instead of having to heat the water in another vessel. Stainless steel also retains heat well so your tea will stay warm for longer periods of time.

Read on to find some of our favorite stainless steel teapots plus tips for brewing loose leaf tea.

How To Clean A Stainless Steel Teapot

As mentioned, many stainless steel teapots can be cleaned using a dishwasher. They are also easy to clean by hand. Use hot water, a soft sponge, and a small dollop of dishwashing soap to gently remove any residue from tea leaves. Make sure to wipe down the inside and the outside of the teapot. For set-in stains or hard water spots, use sodium bicarbonate or vinegar and let the mixture soak in the teapot for a few hours.

Do not use harsh scrubbers like steel wool to clean your stainless steel teapot. This may cause cosmetic scratches or damage the mirror finish. Stick to soft sponges and long soaks to remove grime. Don't forget to work soap and water into the spout for a deep clean. This is especially important if you've chosen a teapot with a gooseneck spout. 

Many of these tea kettles also come with a built-in stainless steel tea infuser. Make sure to remove and clean those parts as well. Rinse and clean the stainless steel infuser basket, teacups, and the tea kettle after each use for best results.

The Best Stainless Steel Teapots

1. Brentwood Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle

This tea kettle features a 1.5-liter capacity plus cordless design that makes it easy to whip up a few cups of tea in minutes. You can use the kettle to make hot tea, French press coffee, and instant oatmeal. The kettle also offers boil-dry technology, which means it will turn off automatically if you accidentally leave it on.

2. OXO Brew Classic Tea Kettle

The OXO Classic Tea Kettle features high-grade stainless steel construction and silicone handles that make pouring a breeze without burning your hands. The kettle also features a large opening that makes it easy to add water and a built-in whistle to tell you when the water is ready.  

3. All-Clad E86199 Specialty Cookware Tea Kettle

This tea kettle from All-Clad features a single-ply polished stainless steel construction that is stick-resistance and non-reactive. The kettle is dishwasher safe and features a lifetime warranty. The wide, flat bottom makes it staple on any burner and also enables the pot to heat water more quickly. 

4. Willow & Everett Electric Gooseneck Kettle

This Willow & Everett tea kettle features a gorgeous gooseneck spout and high-quality stainless steel construction. The tea kettle shuts off automatically after boiling to prevent fires and damage to the kettle. The unit boasts 1000 watts and a 120-volt electric base that heats water in a jiffy.

Choosing the Best Stainless Steel Teapot

Finding the best stainless steel teapot involves choosing the right size. People who enjoy brewing single-serve cups should look for small stainless steel pots. If you like to serve multiple infusions or brew tea for the whole family, look for a pot of tea that serves 8 to 10 cups. You may want to opt for a whistling tea kettle, which lets you know when the water is ready. 

Stainless steel tea kettles are also available as gift sets and complete tea sets. These sets are ideal for tea parties and when serving larger portions of tea. The beauty of stainless steel is that it can also be embossed to make it an extra special gift. You can choose to emboss a tea leaf or someone's name or event to celebrate special occasions.

Choose a stainless steel kettle with a built-in tea strainer if you like to brew loose leaf tea. The mesh infuser will help contain the tea leaves and prevent small pieces from entering your cup of tea.