Here in Minnesota, an early spring has been fading in and out as it has a tendency to do this time of year. With that in mind our April mocktail reflects the hope that we're done with snowy weather and ready for spring flowers. Light and refreshing, this simple beverage is combines floral and sweet notes to create the perfect Spring experience. 

Jasmine Elixir 

Impress your friends and family with our latest creation, the Jasmine Elixir, whose flavor profile offers an enticing blend of mint and jasmine for a satisfying and refreshing drink. Add to your social-distancing picnic package or kickback and enjoy after dinner! 



  • Steep Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Rainforest Mint at 180°F/82°C for 3 minutes using 4 ounces of regular water. 
  • Stream infusion over a tall glass full of ice until 3/4 full of liquid
  • Stir in sugar or simple syrup until dissolved
  • Top with carbonated water and garnish, stir, and garnish with fresh mint leaves
  • ***To turn this drink into a cocktail, add 1-1.5 ounces of unflavored, mild vodka***

Try cold steeping tea leaves for up to 12 hours  before serving and experience a different, but no less delicious flavor profile!