Ask anyone on the street what they know about green tea and you will probably hear something about health trends or detoxing or even the misconception that choosing green tea means choosing a caffeine-free lifestyle. Of all the true tea types green tea is perhaps the one with the most preconceptions. But despite its relatively new appearance on the radar of Western culture green tea has a rich history, encompasses a wide variety of flavor profiles, and has many innate health benefits.  We love it so much, we carry over 30 loose leaf green tea varieties and blends

tea leaves drying in baskets

What is Green Tea? 

Like all true teas, green teas come from the Camelia sinensis plant. Unlike other types however, green teas remain unprocessed after drying making this type perhaps the truest of the true teas. After being harvested, leaves that are destined to become green teas are flash dried using a variety of methods including pan-frying, roasting, or steaming. This step allows the leaves to maintain their natural hue and flavor profile as well as many of the health benefits inherent to the plant. Since the leaves do not undergo oxidation, green tea leaves preserve the highest amount of antioxidants among true teas. Most green teas are produced in either China or Japan, though some varieties have been cultivated other places in the world. 

Flavor Spectrum

Given the variety of locales where green tea is grown, it is no surprise that the teas produced exhibit a myriad of flavor profiles. Here are some of our favorites!

Dragon’s Well

Dragon’s Well is a traditional pan-fried green tea from China also known as Longjing. This tea is characterized by a lightly grassy flavor and steeps a pale yellow-green cup. Dragon’s Well is one of the smoothest and most floral green teas available.


Hojicha is a unique Japanese green tea produced from the second flush of Sencha plants, also known as Bancha leaves. After plucking the leaves are roasted to perfection giving this tea a distinct profile highlighted by nutty and toasted notes.


Another Japanese green tea, our namesake is characterized by bright green leaves and a similarly striking grassy flavor profile. Sencha is unique in the tea world because the plants are cultivated and processed in direct sunlight. This is one of the most popular green teas in Japan!

Matcha powder with whisk and cup


Matcha green tea has become more and more popular in recent years as the world has come to recognize the health benefits and energizing properties of this tea. Matcha is made from Sencha leaves that have been ground into a fine powder. This powder is then mixed with hot water and consumed. The consumption of the actual tea leaf increases the caffeine and antioxidant intake making this tea highly beneficial. Matcha has some of the healthiest food properties called catechins which are more beneficial than vitamin c and e and have been scientifically proven to help with fighting disease and weight loss. We offer matcha as both a loose leaf tea or as a powder.

Rwandan Green

Rwandan Green is a unique green tea with flavor profile that boasts notes of steamed greens and a slight hint of tobacco. This tea steeps a smooth, mildly astringent cup with a finish reminiscent of apricots.


Whether you are searching for a new health aid or interested in experiencing traditional flavors from China or Japan, green tea is the way to go. Green teas also have the benefit of moderate caffeine content making them perfect for a midday energy boost or an evening wind-down from the day.

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