Finding gifts for the tea drinker in your life can be hard if you don't know a lot about tea. Even if you are a tea expert, flavor and taste can make finding the perfect gift a challenge.

We've put together this list of gifts ideas for tea lovers to make your life easier. From temperature-controlled tea kettles and tools that make brewing easier to some of our favorite tea blends, this list has it all.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for dad or your tea-loving friend, you're sure to find something on this list that they'll adore. Want to get your hands on some of the best tea presents today? Check out our collection of the best gifts for tea lovers right here.

The Best Gifts For Tea Lovers

Tea Kettles

Tea kettles take the guesswork out of brewing the perfect cup. A temperature-controlled tea kettle makes it easy for even the greenest tea drinkers to brew tea at the proper temperature. Simply select a temperature setting and steep the tea bags or loose tea as recommended. Some tea kettles allow you to select a specific temperature for brewing while other feature easy-to-use buttons for different types of tea from white tea and oolong tea to herbal teas.

The two most popular varieties of tea kettles are stainless steel and glass. Glass tea kettles make the heating process fun as you can watch the bubbles develop. Glass teapots also tend to have fun LED lights that turn tea heating into a stunning presentation. Stainless steel kettles are easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting. They also match just about any kitchen décor, ensuring your gift fits right in.

Tea Infusers

Make brewing loose leaf tea as easy as pie by gifting a tea infuser or tea strainer. Tea infusers are available in different styles from baskets and balls to pincers and ones specially designed for tea bags.

Tea infuser baskets are the choice of tea masters since they are large enough to allow leaves to fully expand and infuse flavor. Baskets can be used in a single-serving cup or as part of a teapot for larger brews. Tea balls and pincers are the go-to for single cup brews. Having trouble deciding which infuser is the right one? Check out our guide to tea infusers right here.

Bamboo Tea Strainer

Our Bamboo Tea Strainer is the perfect gift for a tea connoisseur that enjoys the traditional and true flavor of the tea. Metal infusers may alter the flavor of certain types of teas, particularly those that are acidic. Our bamboo option allows tea to brew and develop flavor the way it was meant to.

Pincer Tea Strainer

Our Pincer Tea Strainer takes the guesswork out of making tea. It's perfectly designed to contain the right amount of tea leaves for a six to ten-ounce serving, Simply use the stainless steel infuser to scoop out tea leaves and place directly in your teacup. It's also easy to reuse the handy tool for multiple infusions without the mess.

Collapsible Tea Strainer

Looking for a gift for someone who is always on the go? Our Collapsible Tea Strainer makes tea brewing easy whether your loved ones are brewing it up in the office or on their commute. The infuser collapses to one-third it's size so it can be slipped into a purse or backpack. It rests right on the brim of the mug so there's no need for complicated mugs or built-in infusers.

Reusable Tea Bag Strainer

Love the look of tea bags, but wish they'd infuse flavor better? That's where our Reusable Tea Bag Strainer comes in. It offers the familiar look of a tea bag but is large enough for loose leaf teas and pearls to expand and infuse flavor. It's the perfect gift for the tea lover who wants style and quality without a lot of hard work.

Loose Leaf Tea

Nothing says love quite like an aromatic bag of dried loose leaf tea. The tea leaves are packed with healthy ingredients that are great for human health and deliver abundant flavor. From herbal teas with floral and citrus notes to classic true teas with earthy and grassy notes, you're sure to find a flavor your favorite tea lover will enjoy. Here are some of our favorite teas you can gift to the tea lovers in your life.

Green Tea

Green tea is king when it comes to health benefits backed by scientific research. Long-term consumption of green tea can boost heart health, prevent serious disease, and is packed with antioxidants for overall health.

Green teas offer distinct flavor ranging from grassy to earthy. Japanese green teas are steamed to prevent oxidation resulting in flavors that are sweet and vegetal. Some of the most popular varieties are matcha green tea and Genmaicha—a green tea with roasted rice kernels.

Genmaicha Green Tea

Genmaicha offers a new take on classic green tea. It's a tea blend with green tea leaves and roasted rice kernels. It offers a fuller body and richer flavor than standard green tea. The perfect gift for someone who loves green tea, but also enjoys unique flavors.

Chinese green teas are roasted or pan-fired creating a toasty and slightly smoky flavor. The most popular include Formosa Gunpowder green tea and jasmine green tea.

Jasmine Green Tea

Flower blossoms are an integral part of Chinese culture and history. This tea is the ideal gift for a tea lover who enjoys the cultural influence of China on modern-day teas. Our Jasmine Green Tea boasts a floral flavor and aroma and the delicate pearls mimic the effect of blooming when infused in hot water.

Indian Spiced Chai Black Tea

In India, chai simply means tea. Masala chai is made by infusing a variety of spices in hot water. It's also traditionally blended with black tea leaves from Indian plantations and a dash of buffalo milk. For a modern take, chai can be brewed with dairy or non-dairy milk. This tea makes the perfect gift for tea lovers who enjoy spicy flavors and aromatic teas. It's also a great gift for coffee lovers that want similar flavor without as much caffeine.

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is a black tea infused with rinds of bergamot oranges. The tea was first dreamt up in China but claimed internationally notoriety when it reached England. Legend has it that this tea was commissioned by Lord Grey and served at meetings with foreign dignitaries by Lady Grey.  It's the perfect tea gift for connoisseurs who love tea history and classic flavors.

Tea Storage Containers

Help your friends and loved ones keep their loose leaf tea fresh and tasty with proper storage containers. When choosing tea storage, you want to focus on two things: airtightness and opacity. Air and light are the two elements that degrade tea the most. Find a container that is dark to prevent light from altering the flavor. The container should also be airtight to prevent degradation of the flavor and aroma of the leaves.

Tea storage containers come in a variety of materials. Stainless steel, bamboo, dark glass, ceramic, and porcelain tea storage containers are among the most popular.

You can also find a specially designed tea box that stores tea and keeps it fresh. Many of these petite presentation boxes can be monogrammed or personalized to make your tea gift unique. They also can be purchased as part of a larger tea gift set and makes the perfect gift box.

For bonus points, find out what type of tea your gift recipient enjoys and find a tea container designed specifically for that type of tea. Take it to the next level and add a few loose leaf teas to the box or container to make it a tea sampler.

Teapots and Traditional Vessels

If you're looking for a special gift for a friend or loved one that adores tea, a traditional tea vessel is a great choice. Many types of tea are still brewed today according to strict practices dictated by tradition. The Japanese tea ceremony and Chinese version called Gongfu call for different materials.

A classic Chinese gaiwan or ceramic teapot allows the tea preparer to enjoy the rich and evolving flavor. The gaiwan is typically only used for one type of tea as the clay construction absorbs the flavor of the tea. That means every time your loved one brews a cup of tea, they'll enjoy fuller and more nuanced tastes., It's the gift that keeps on giving.

The Japanese Tetsubin is a cast iron teapot evenly maintains heat and distributes flavor throughout the entire infusion. The tea is also designed to keep multiple infusions warm for longer periods of time. Look for versions without an enamel-lining to get rich flavor like you would with a Chinese gaiwan.


When it comes to tea time, having a stunning teacup can make the tea drinking experience feel even more luxurious. You can find fancy bone-china varieties and hardy stoneware options. You can even find teacups designed after the clever character in the Disney film Beauty and The Beast and other unique creations on Etsy. Choose a dainty option for the feminine tea lovers in your life or opt for something more durable for the go-getters.

Travel mugs are the perfect gift for tea lovers who are always on the move. Look for one with a double-walled construction to keep tea piping hot all day long. Glass varieties add a visual dimension to on-the-go tea while stainless steel is durable enough to handle most activities.

Find the Perfect Tea Gift

Finding gifts for the tea lover in your life has never been easier. With this handy guide of gift ideas, you can find a great gift for the tea sommelier who's traveled the globe tasting teas from Darjeeling, India to the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. You can also discover the perfect gift for a tea beginner or someone who simply wants to further their enjoyment of this delightful beverage.

Great gifts include tea tools that make the brewing process simple and gift boxes and samplers that allow your loved ones to try different teas. Knowing what you're favorite tea drinker enjoys can help make the gift choosing process simpler. Find out what types of tea they enjoy and look for variations or blends that add new flavor dimensions.  If they love to have an afternoon tea party, look for gifts or tea kits that add presentation value and style.