Intermittent fasting can be one of the easiest and most sustainable forms of dieting the most difficult part is discipline. Whether you are new to intermittent fasting or an old hand at it, tea can be an important player in successful weight loss.

Weight Loss Benefits of Black Tea

While Black Tea has significantly less antioxidants than Green or White teas, the usual stars of the health parade, it still maintains many aspects which can be beneficial in daily life and as part of your weight loss journey. 


One of the key things to remember when fasting is to stay hydrated. Remaining properly hydrated helps the body flush out toxins and aids in reducing cravings. Drinking unsweetened black tea can help stop you from reaching for the snack cakes when you're bored or feel like eating. Furthermore, drinking tea will make you feel more full and thus stave off hunger pangs. 

Low-Calorie Option

Unlike most popular beverages tea has no calories, making it perfect for inclusion in your weight-loss regimen. Even with a little bit of honey or sugar to enhance the flavor, tea is still going to be your best option aside from water to make sure you are getting enough liquids without off-setting your goal. 


Of all the types of tea, Black Tea holds a monopoly on the highest amount of caffeine. This means that when you drink black tea you provide your body with a burst of energy that can help power you through your day. Low energy can be side effect of fasting since your body is not getting the caloric intake it is used to. Sipping on black tea can help you avoid the slumps and still maintain your fasting/weight loss schedule. 

Black tea is also being studied for it's beneficial effects on metabolic rate. To learn more, check out our post here.

Black Teas to Start your Weight-loss Journey

When approaching tea, the sheer variety can be daunting. Here are some black teas that we recommend getting started with! 

Black Dragon Pearls 

Black Dragon Pearls is a hand-rolled black tea from the Yunan province of China. The subtle yet rich flavors of this tea are reminiscent of chocolate making this the perfect weight-loss treat. 

Black and Blue

This berry black tea blend is offers a bold option for tea drinkers. Combining the flavors of blueberries and blackberries, Black and Blue provides a sweet and fruity cup that has the added benefit of antioxidants. 


A uniquely relaxing blend, Moonlight incorporates traditional black tea with chamomile and lavender. This blend contains all the benefits of black tea with the added bonus of the soothing floral notes. 


This popular black tea blend melds black tea with ginger and citrus for a bold fruity cup with a slightly spicy aftertaste. Lemonhead is a great option for your weight-loss regimen because the additives help support immune-system health and contain numerous vitamins.