Earl Green Tea

Earl Green is an offshoot of the classic Earl Grey black tea that consists of an appealing lilac fragrance of Bao Zhong oolong tea in harmony with the floral and citrusy flavor of bergamot. Earl Green Tea is an oolong tea which is ideal for any time of the year and makes for an easy to drink, delicious cold or hot brewed tea.

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Features of Earl Green Tea

If you want a lower caffeine version of the traditional Earl Grey Tea, then Earl Green could be just what you’re looking for. A cup of Earl Green Tea gives you the fresh bergamot flavor of Earl Gray, only in a less intense blend. This is because the leaves of Earl Green Tea are not oxidized like those of Earl Grey.

Whether you enjoy this tea hot or cold, you will appreciate the floral and citrusy blend that makes it a soothing and pleasurable tea to drink, whether you choose Earl Green for your morning beverage or throughout the course of the day. The light, yet delightful flavor you will experience when drinking Earl Green Tea is certain to have you coming back to this soothing beverage time and time again.

If you are familiar with Earl Grey or other oolong teas, why not try out our loose-leaf Earl Green Tea – it may just become one of your favorite teas from our extensive collection.

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Customer Reviews

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Barbara Radtke
My new favorite

I’ve been drinking tea for over 55years and my preference has always been for black teas. Earl Green is my new favorite!

Sally Blake

Earl Green