Black Dragon Tea

Originating from the Yunnan province of China, Black Dragon Pearl Tea is a tightly hand-rolled, rare black tea. It is a naturally sweet, exquisite tea that offers a smooth, chocolate flavor with a touch of cocoa for a superb taste. As the tea pearls unfold, the subtle cocoa notes come forth. It also offers a hint of earthiness to complete its profile for your taste buds. At Sencha Tea Bar, we offer loose leaf Dragon Pearl Black Tea for the satisfaction of your refined taste.

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Features of Black Dragon Pearl Tea

This black tea includes only premium quality leaves and buds which are professionally hand rolled into large pearl shapes before the leaves dry. Black Dragon Tea showcases a lovely amber/copper color to go along with the touch of cocoa flavor it offers. And, if you happen to over steep this tea, it will not turn bitter.

Benefits of Black Dragon Tea

As a type of black tea, Dragon Pearl Tea offers several important health benefits, including those that have a positive impact on tooth decay, diarrhea, high cholesterol, poor blood circulation, digestive problems, asthma, and high blood pressure.

It contains about half the amount of caffeine as many coffees. This tea also contains L-theanine which provides a more stable type of energy for the body. The combination of the two help to enhance focus and alertness while avoiding the jittery energy supplied by caffeine alone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Joliene Ford

The Black Dragon Pearls unfurl to a delicious cup of tea. Each steeping (and I got 3 out of 2 balls) showcased new flavors

Camilla Israel-Marini
Black Pearl Gunpowder Tea

Excellent! The "pearls" open up to large leaves in the hot water and release full tea flavor. I highly recommend!

kenneth elleman
name sold it

i like it but would order something else next time

Favorite tea!

The Black Pearl Gunpowder loose tea is delicious! It’s my favorite.

Our Favorite!

Got this tea for my coffee addicted roommate, they were able to mix in their coffee creamers and sugars as they would their regular coffee and it was easier for then to make the switch!